Finn face deportation after naked bike ride in Cambodia

A Cambodian Police Motorcycle. Photo: Mike -but different @ Flickr
A Cambodian Police Motorcycle. Photo: Mike -but different @ Flickr

A 22 year old Finnish woman was riding on the back of a motorcycle in the afternoon sun Thursday the 8th of January when she and her 30 year old companion were stopped by local Kandal Province police officers.

The two were naked and together with a 3rd friend they are now facing deportation for their unusual approach to motorcycle riding near Phnom Penh.

Whether it was to enjoy the breeze on naked skin or get an even tan has not been reported, but according to Phnom Penh Post the three tourists are in jail waiting to see if they will be convicted for violating the law against exposing genitals in public, that can be punished by up to 3 months in prison.

In addition to that the trio will most likely be deported. Phnom Penh Post reports that the general head of the Department of Imigration has asked the leadership of the Ministry of Interior to expel the trio from the country.

The Finn was riding on the back of a 30 year old and equally naked Italian’s motorcycle. Their other friend a 24 year old Scotsman is said to have been dressed at the time of the arrest but the police claims that he had at some point have been riding his bike naked as well.

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