Oilon seals burner systems deals for hazardous waste plants in China

Oilon has broken new ground in China. While Oilon has previously supplied burners and burner systems mainly for energy-production plants, the groundbreaking new agreements cover the delivery of burner systems for hazardous-waste treatment facilities built by renowned global operators in the field. oilon

With awareness of waste-treatment issues in China, we expect this sector to boom. For Oilon the new ventures are important in breaking new ground, and they also help create jobs and commercial profit.

The deal with Veolia means that Oilon will deliver burner systems for two hazardous-waste incineration plants currently under construction in China. Oilon will deliver burner technology, valve units, and automation systems, which represent the core technology in waste incineration plants.

Source: Oilon

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