Finnish artist Janine Rewell designed Chinese-Nordic fortune cats for Whampoa World


Whampoa World in Hong Kong

In connection with the new Chinese New Year, Whampoa World in Hong Kong invited Finnish artist Janine Rewell to design and paint a Chinese-Western combination wall for the mall.

Janine Rewell has, with her Nordic-style painting and patterns, designed the Chinese New Year Lucky Cats in colorful combinations representing health (fuchsia), wealth and wisdom (orange), and love (pink). The arched door and the windmill also wishes everyone good luck and great success in the coming new year

When visitors step into Whampoa, the giant lucky cat is greeting everyone for the New Year while four lucky cats representing wealth, love, academics, and fitness raise their right hands together on both sides.

Janine Rewell has designed illustrations for international brands including Google, Nike, H&M, and Samsung

The Happy New Year display is open to the public until 15 February. 

Source: Topich

Janine Rewell



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