Finnish baby swimming lesson makes a splash in China

The Telkänpesä pool reverberates with the sounds of laughter and happy dabbling. The Pikku Joutsen (Little Swan) swimming school is teaching swimming skills to infants over one year old.baby_swim

However, baby swimming can start as early as three months of age, when the baby weighs 5kg.

“Water is a very familiar element for children since in the womb they’re surrounded by it, therefore they even have the diving reflex,” says Eeva-Liisa Anttila, principle of the school. “When the water comes around their nose and mouth they hold their breath. This is utilized in baby swimming.”

Once the hobby becomes regular, the tricks of splashing and propulsion become par for the course. Playing and singing is also a big part of baby swimming school, but according to Anttila, progress happens at a child’s own pace and nothing is done by force.
Exporting the trend

Baby swimming is popular in Finland. Up to 10 percent of the population goes to classes before their child is one year old. It’s already been exported to Russia and its proponents are keen to see other countries jump on board.

China will be the next to take the plunge when Anttila leaves her family for a visit in order to establish the concept there.

Source: Yle

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