Finnish companies expect China’s importance to remain

72% of Finnish export companies believe China will at least maintain its importance as a trade partner. This was revealed in a survey distributed to export managers by Finland Chamber of Commerce.

55% of the managers said they expect the country to remain as important a partner as previously. 17% even said they expect the importance to grow.

China was only expected to become a less important trade partner by 28% of the respondents. Only 9% of export companies revealed they have already reduced their dependence on the country.

Reducing dependencies on China is a stated goal of the government of Prime Minister Petteri Orpo. Still, the renowned newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, wrote in its analysis, that while companies in other parts of the world are preparing for a new trade paradigm, Finnish companies seem to be blindly holding on to China.

The survey also found that 98% of Finnish export companies deem that the geopolitical uncertainty will have an effect on their profitability. 12% of the respondents stated that the effects will be substantial, 64% moderate and 21% minor.


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