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Dibi Academy China’s kick-off event took place at the Ambassador’s residence on 11 April. New early childhood education centres will be opened in Beijing and Shanghai later in 2017. 0-5 years old kids will be taught in English in small groups by both Finnish and Chinese teachers, based on the Finnish education methods. Weekly sessions contain music, arts, gym, math and nature studies. Finland’s Ambassador H.E. Marja Rislakki, gave the opening remarks following by Mikko Salo’s, Johan Storgård’s and Miranda Zhang’s introductions.

Dibi Academy offers:
Babies curriculum (aged 2–23 months) consists Arts, Music, Communication and Gym. They are combined to a meaningful, caretaking and inspiring whole that supports the baby’s development as a social being and the parent’s closer contact with the baby.

Learning goals for the babies include awakening of inspiration and excitement, stretching the boarders of the experience field and activating the senses. At the same time parents learn new ways to communicate with the baby and enjoy the company of the young life to the fullest.

All lessons are given in English and translated into the local language. Such an early training gives great support to future language learning ability because babies automatically acquire sounds and melody patterns of the English.

Dibi Academy’s curriculum for kids (aged 2–5 years) consists of five subjects: Arts, Music, Sport, Nature and Math. The learning goals are matched to age-relevant skills.

All subjects support each other in a way that enables wide-spanning creative thinking which is strengthened with multiple, changing themes throughout the year.  Social group skills, communication and creativity has very important role in our education and all teaching emphasizes playfulness, innovation and environmental awareness.

Every lesson is held in English and translated into the local language. Both English and international communication culture are easy to learn for children and our method makes use of these abilities.

Source: Embassy of Finland in Beijing

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