Finnish nuclear plant continues its plans despite defect on similar Chinese reactor

The Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in Finland

Last week’s defect on a Chinese nuclear EPR reactor has not led the nuclear safety authority of Finland, STUK, to demand the Finnish nuclear power company TVO to put a hold on their plans to start their test production on their similar Olkiluoto 3 reactor, Montel News write.

It was a gas leak that forced the Chinese energy company CNG to shut down their Taishan 1 reactor. Following the event calls were made for investigations in France, England and Finland, the three other countries where similar EPR reactors are being constructed.

Now the STUK authorities in Finland have announced that they have nothing to suggest a problem with their own reactor.

“We are aware that the Taishan 1 plant unit has been shut down for maintenance because of fuel defects. Thus far Stuk has not received information on the exact causes or the defects but based on the information received at this stage, we do not see the issue as affecting the testing of the OL3-reactor,” Isaksson, Spokesman of STUK, said.

The Olkiluoto 3 reactor was supposed to have started operating in 2009 but after several delays the TVO company has now set production testing to start this September and the actual commercial use to start on the 28 March. None of these delays are however related to the Chinese problems, the company claims.

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