Finnish Your Dinner SF100 event in Bangkok

On 25-27 August 2017 Finland’s centenary celebrations will expand across the world as Finnish Your Dinner events invite everybody to enjoy dinner with Finns. In Bangkok it takes place on Saturday 26 August 2017, hosted by Friends of Finland. Their dinner to celebrate Finland 100 years together will be overlooking the Bangkok skyline and includes an “odyssey into Finnish delicacies combined with a Thai twist”. Participants will share stories about Finland and Thailand while making new friends.

Summer is an important season for the Finnish people. Along the shores of the thousands of lakes, they enjoy being outside, relaxing in a hot sauna and lighting the grill. While in cities and towns, the streets and squares are filled with summer events.

Back in Finland it is the sixth consecutive summer when friends and strangers dine en masse in Helsinki at a long table of half a kilometre set up for a thousand diners at Dinner in the open air. The tradition has evolved from an experiment, and it is expanding across the world on the last weekend of August in celebration of Finland’s centenary under the title of Finnish Your Dinner.

Anyone anywhere can set up their own Finnish Your Dinner table on the weekend of 25–27 August and offer strangers an opportunity to celebrate Finland 100. You can sign up by pinning your dinner on the digital map.

Event time in Bangkok: 17:30 – 21:00. Reservation:
Please note that each guest must personally register for the dinner and book a seat on their own, so one cannot book for multiple people at the same time.

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