Fireworks en route from China to Norway delayed and arrives after new years

The cargo ship Merete Maersk is full of fireworks en route to Norway

Getting fireworks in January is a bit like receiving last year’s newspaper in the mail which is what is happening in Norway currently. NRK writes that tons of fireworks on a cargo ship from China to Norway are delayed and will not arrive until 3 January.

According to Erlend Husebø, the daily leader at the fireworks supplier Spectra Norway, the company has had great challenges with shipping from China to Europe.

“There are some suppliers who will not get the goods delivered until January,” Erlend Husebø says. 

He adds that Spectra has a warehouse in Norway and that the company is not among those which has suffered the most from the supply chain crisis but some European suppliers have received far less than half of what they have ordered.

“When there is a shortage in the market, we have added pressure and receive fewer goods,” he says.

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