First Danish Footprints event held in Vietnam

In 1971 Vietnam and Denmark established diplomatic relations. The 44th anniversary was celebrated on 28 November 2015 with the social Danish event: Danish Footprints.lego2

For the first time in Vietnam, the Danish Footprints event was held in Ho Chi Minh City. The social event not only celebrated the long-term relationship of Vietnam-Denmark diplomatic relations, but also offered a chance for Danish firms to meet and share their business management policies to support Vietnamese people and the community where the companies and their employees are operating in. The event was also meant to honor social work associated with the corporate social responsibility of Danish firms toward sustainable development.

Danish Footprints 2015 was organized by The Danish Embassy in Vietnam in collaboration with many Danish firms. Through different activities during the day, the event encouraged to connect Danish businesspeople as well as employees of the two countries, and let them learn from each other.

The activities were directed to both young and adults. With the message of “Care for the next generation”, the festival offered many useful and creative activities for kids such as playing with environmentally friendly water balloons, colouring books and Lego brick jigsaws, through which children were able to learn the importance of co-operation and the spirit of responsibility towards society. The adults could jog around the Ban Nguyet Lake or try out a dancesport aimed at raising public awareness of health and environmental protection. The many activities also included an exhibition calling for environmental protection and climate change prevention. Regardless of age, the activities gave chance to feel the core values and business ethics of Denmark.



“We have about 130 Danish enterprises operating in various fields in Vietnam, of which 70-80 enterprises are headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces in the southern region,” says Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, Charlotte Laursen.



Many other Danish enterprises are also eyeing investment in the Southeast Asian country given its rising economic status and the trade agreements the nation has reached or is about to conclude soon, the ambassador said.

“Danish companies set high business standards and a serious working environment with the objective of sustainable development in community relations, environmental responsibility and open communication,”.

According to Charlotte Laursen the two countries have shifted their ties from development assistance to multifaceted cooperation, and the two countries are working to further promote their relations in the coming time.



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