First interfaith dialogue between Finland and Indonesia

The first Interfaith and Intermediate Dialogue between Finland and Indonesia was held in Helsinki on 17 September.

Photo: Embassy of Indonesia in Finland

Indonesia and Finland has agreed to promote to promote global peace efforts through interfaith dialogues after the first Indonesia-Finland Interfaith and Intermediate Dialogue.

A delegation with different religious representatives from each country took part in the meeting. The Finnish delegation included Islamic representative Atik Ali, Jewish representative Yaron Nodbornik, and Christian representative Lutheran Rev. Elina Hellqvist.

The Indonesian delegation included the Indonesian president`s special staff for international religious affairs Siti Ruhaini Dzuhayatin, Islamic academic Azyumardi Azra, Buddhist representative Philip K Wijaya, and Chief of the Indonesian Churches Association Priest Gomar Gultom. The Indonesian Ambassador in Finland Wiwiek Setyawati Firman also participated.

The meeting had focus on dialogue, but the delegation also visited religious sites and had a general lecture at Helsinki University.

Finland is Indonesia’s 30th interfaith dialogue partner.

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