Flower crowns and frog dance in Hanoi

The Botanical Garden was decorated in in Sweden’s national colors as Swedish midsummer was celebrated in Hanoi on Sunday 11 June 2017. People dancing around doing the classic frog dance under blue and yellow balloons, wearing colourful flower crowns, marked the beginning of summer.

Pereric Högberg, Ambassador of Sweden to Vietnam attended the celebrations. Furthermore, it was attended by Swedes and Swedish company representatives, the newly-established Swedish Alumni Network, the Swedish-Vietnamese Friendship Association, future students in Sweden, as well as Nordic friends and families.

Classic midsummer games such as having a string with a pen in the end tied around your waist as you try to get the pen into a bottle on the ground, running with an egg on a spoon in your mouth were of course also a part of the midsummer celebrations in Hanoi.

See more photos here!

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