Fly virtual flight to Santa’s hometown and support UNICEF’s work with Finnair

Finnair announced on 22 December 2020 that is is now possible to fly to Santa’s Finnish home from your own sofa! Santa’s official airline, Finnair, will offer eight ‘flights’ using virtual reality to transport you to Santa in his hometown, Rovaniemi, from 25 December 2020

The Finnair flights are created with one of the most advanced real-time 3D graphics tools, Unreal Engine. You can access your Business Class flight from your mobile phone or laptop. The flight costs 10€ and all proceeds will go to supporting UNICEF’s work.

Book your virtual flight from the Finnair Shop here

Did you, by the way, know that the Nordic countries are in a friendly banter as to where Santa’s home ‘really’ is? Denmark says it is in Greenland, Finland says Rovaniemi, Norway says Drøbak. Sweden and Iceland ignore the issue. The Americans couldn’t care less, they know he lives on the Northpole.

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