General Secretaries of the Nordic Seamen’s Churches tour Thailand

Today, the Thai-tour of the General Secretaries of the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Seamen’s Churches started in Bangkok. The three Nordic General Secretaries will partake in various meetings and events from today till Monday, February 25. In that time, they will explore possibilities, get an idea church life in this part of the world, meet with officials and hear about the charitable work in the country.

The tour began with a meeting between Danish General Secretary, Margith Pedersen, and Danish Ambassador in Thailand, Mikael Winther. The issue to be discussed was the need of a Danish Church and Thailand. At the moment, that possibility is being explored by Danish Seamen’s Church and Church Abroad. Currently, a member of the Executive Board of the Church, Preben K. Mogensen, is in Thailand to investigate the possibilities.

This was merely the first stop of the week. Wednesday the delegation will be in Pattaya. The city has a large concentration of Scandinavian expats and the day will be spent at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church with different activities such as a trip to  Baan Jing Jai foster home and a tour of the city to get and idea of an average day in the church life of Thailand.

Later, the delegation will also be hearing about social work such as the project “Focus on Thai-Norwegian Children” while meetings with various embassies is also on the schedule.