Get free from crowd to recharge in Chiang Dao

Photo taken by Kanlayakorn Pengrattana.

One of the most visited provinces in the North of Thailand inarguably is Chiang Mai. Thais and tourists from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia as well as other European countries often choose to come to the city because it is known for its chill vibes, coffee shops at every street corner, handmade goods, traditional food, and cooler weather, especially during the end of each year.

Though, sometimes, the center of Chiang Mai can get extremely busy with people and traffic, it possibly makes one feels like he or she has to hustle through the crowd to get the last seat at a cafe or rushingly cross a road before the next green light comes. Picturing this raises a question of “Why is it so hard and tiresome even to have a trip of one’s own?”

To save your energy and peace of mind, a recommendation of where to go instead of getting stuck in the center of Chiang Mai for too long is Chiang Dao, a small district of the famous city that can bring one closer to nature and finally start recharging themselves.

It takes about one hour and forty five minutes to get to Chiang Dao by car. You can drive your car or catch a public bus, Chinag Mai to Thaton Line, which only costs less than fifty Thai baths. The bus departs from Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 1 (Chiang Phuak) every hour, as early as six in the morning till half past three.

In Chiang Dao, there are several choices of accommodations including hotels, homestay, resorts, or spaces for people who love camping. The place particularly selected for anyone who simply wants to relax and rest is Azalea Village: Wellness Resort and Residence. According to Booking.Com, it was rated 7.4 Stars, good for service (and peace).

Photo taken by Kanlayakorn Pengrattana.

At Azalea Village, there are different types of rooms offered and breakfast served. Guests have access to beautiful natural sights of Doi Luang Chiang Dao, Thailand’s Third Highest Mountain, the resort’s garden, and the endless skyview. A stroll around the field at the center of the place and a swim in a salt water pool could put one into the mood of resetting their balance.

Nearby, there are grocery stores, a fresh market, and many local restaurants for you to try. Plus, there is a small, cozy coffee shop called Oligo Cafe recommended as it serves great-quality coffee and is decorated with aesthetic ornaments and paintings.

Alfred Bernhard Noble, Swedish chemist and engineer once said, “Contentment is the only real wealth,” hence, if you choose to have a getaway trip, it means you must take as much time as you want for yourself whether snoozing in the morning, finding comfort in your favorite books, having tasty coffee, taking a walk, or waiting to catch the last glimpse of the sunset.

Scandinavians who have visited Chiang Dao district already are encouraged to share your experiences with other fellow readers in the comments section below. And for the ones who have not been there and think nature is calling, the only question for you is “What are you waiting for?”

Sunset in Chiang Dao. Photo taken by Kanlayakorn Pengrattana.

All Images Taken By: Kanlayakorn Pengrattana.

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