Happy Birthday Little Mermaid

Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid celebrates 100th birthday

She is known and loved worldwide. For some people she is even the main attraction on a visit to the capital of Denmark.

The Little Mermaid celebrates 100th birthday today Friday 23 August and the special day is celebrated on several spots in Copenhagen. (Link below)


The statue was created by Edvard Eriksen and placed at the Langelinie Pier in the harbor area of Copenhagen in 1913. Besides being the main object in millions of tourist’s photos, her life has been quite a roller coaster ride.

She has been decapitated twice, had her arm sawn off, been painted on numerous occasions and most recently she was transported all the way to Shanghai to be the centerpiece in the Danish pavilion at the 2010 World Expo.

ScandAsia wishes her a happy birthday and a long and less turbulent life in the future.