Norwegian murder accused smiled as he entered the court

Norwegian Stein Dokset was expected to explain to the court today why he hid the body of his dead girlfriend in a trash can for 2.5 years but the hearing of his case was postponed to November.

The Norwegian man Stein Dokset, who is accused of brutally murdering his ex-girlfriend June in Phuket in 2009, went to court again today. According to the Norwegian newspaper, VG, who was present in court, Mr. Dokset was smiling as he entered the courtroom.

Today should have been the last day of negotiations in the trial of Stein Dokset, but since some of the witnesses were delayed, and one could not show up, the trial was postponed until mid November, VG reported.

Wearing prison uniform and leg irons Stein Dokset showed up in the court and as the start of the meeting was delayed, he did not miss the chance to talk to a friend in the audience. During the trial he commented loudly while a police officer explained that there had been found blood several places in Dokset’s house, where his ex-girlfriend was found killed.

“It was blood from a dog,” he commented.

The case of Stein Dokset leads back to 2009, where his 33 years old  girlfriend Rungnapa “June” Rachsombat disappeared without a trace. Later she was found dead, stashed in a trash can that had been moved about between different houses, that she and Dokset owned. He is now accused of having killed her, placed her in a trash can and trying to make her disappear with chemicals after hiding her for 2,5 years.

According to VG, Dokset was not willing to be interviewed today, but earlier he has explained, that he killed her in self-defence and was shocked when she died.

The 50 years-old Norwegian has been remanded in custody since February 2012.


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