H&M accused of unethical jacket production in Vietnam

PETA Asia is claiming that Swedish H&M is implicated in supporting the down industry. The accusation is based on a recent 13-month-long investigation. PETA claims that H&M sources down jackets from Vietnam, where birds allegedly endure gruesome conditions, such as having their feet cut off while still alive, and being slaughtered with axes for their feathers.

Despite H&M’s assurance that their products do not harm animals, PETA Asia’s investigation reportedly exposed distressing situations in duck farms and slaughterhouses throughout Vietnam. The findings include ducks with severe wounds in unsanitary sheds, stabbings in the neck, and being kept in small areas filled with feces. Even at a facility certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), ducks were supposedly subjected to having their feet amputated while still conscious.

H&M supposedly removed the ‘responsible’ down label from its US online store, acknowledging the label’s lack of credibility. Still, the company continues to sell down jackets.

PETA Asia has shared their intention to formally communicate with H&M Group CEO, Helena Helmersson, to address the company’s alleged involvement in the down industry.

The enclosed letter from PETA serves as a reminder to the H&M executive of documented instances of cruelty. It urges the company to cut ties with the down industry, advocating for the welfare of birds.

Source: apparelresources.com

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