Holiday at home is back

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been ongoing for over a year now and the Danish government has been going back and forth regarding restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus. As a Dane living abroad, it was hard to determine whether or not it was worth it going through testing and isolation in order to spend the holiday at home. Sometimes it was not even possible to do so because of the required isolation period.

Green is the new black
With the increasing number of people getting vaccinated, the COVID-19 restrictions in Denmark are being removed bit by bit to the point where you can get back to living your normal life as it was prior to the pandemic. Countries and regions are being categorized into four categories – green, yellow, orange and red.

As of now, no countries or regions in or outside of the EU have been categorized as orange or red which means that isolation is no longer a requirement to coming home to Denmark. A negative test is all you need and you will be free to enter and enjoy your holiday in the small Scandinavian gem. Of course, if you are vaccinated, you no longer have to bother getting tested to be able to show a negative test to enter Denmark.

As Danish as it gets
Denmark is welcoming everyone coming home to spend their holiday with their friends and family. You have probably missed everything about Denmark, which means now is the time to spend the time here being as Danish as possible. Rent a car in Denmark and enjoy your holiday with all that Denmark has to offer, without having to worry about transportation or delays. Here is a list of five very Danish places to visit and activities to do while you are home in Denmark.

Thrills and music
Enjoy the beautiful garden and festive atmosphere of Tivoli. Tivoli is always a fun place to visit with friends and family and brings back childhood-memories for many Danes. Tivoli also lets you enjoy live music concerts, as they throw a concert with a famous artist every Friday called “Fredagsrock”. Book your tickets and savor the music from one of your favorite artists.

A walk through Copenhagen
Copenhagen has a lot to see and a very known place for its colorful buildings and architecture is the historic quarter of Nyhavn. Take a walk along the canals in Copenhagen and stop by Nyhavn along the way. Enjoy lunch, a drink and look around to consume the atmosphere of the city.

Look down at the treetops
Less than an hour’s drive south of Copenhagen, you will find the iconic Forest Tower in the middle of Gisselfeld’s forests. It reaches 45 meters above the ground and a total of 140 meters above sea level. The tower is well-known for its hourglass shape and is visited by approximately 350,000 people every year. If you feel brave, Camp Adventure has many obstacle courses where you climb ropes, ladders etc. in the treetops.

Think inside the Box
What is square, Danish and colorful? In Billund, there are both LEGOLAND and the LEGO House. The fun and wild roller coasters in LEGOLAND will challenge your gut while pleasing your imagination. The whole family is guaranteed to have an eventful day in a place known worldwide.

Once upon a time…
A new museum has opened in Odense in the summer of 2021. The new Hans Christian Andersen House covers 5,600 square meters and is surrounded by a beautiful garden. Known as H. C. Andersen’s birth home, the little yellow corner house will also be a part of the new museum. The new Hans Christian Andersen House lies its focus on telling the stories of the author and not about the author.

Enjoy your time in Denmark
Hopefully this list has inspired you to visit both well known and new Danish attractions on your holiday home. Denmark and the Danes are ready to welcome you and let you enjoy everything this little country has to offer.

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