Home services are a success at the Danish Church Thailand

Christa Lund Herum
A previous home church service, with hymnals on the table. Photo: Private

During the pandemic, the Danish Church of Thailand was restricted from holding services in the church. So they moved them to private homes, where they couldn’t be too many people anyway – and it became a success. So much so that it’s been going on ever since.

The next one will take place on 12 November 2023. Anybody is welcome, regardless of belief, age and even language – however the service will be in Danish. The service usually takes around 30 to 45 minutes, and participants can stay for lunch afterwards, which is what the participants usually do.

One can expect a cozy yet solemn service, as the typical high mass program will be run through as regularly. Although with a few changes – and an overall more laid-back atmosphere. A necessary adaptation, according to pastor Christa Lund Herum.

A flexible attitude

Sometimes people are sitting just one meter away from you, so it might feel a little overwhelming. As a pastor, you take up a lot of space when you’re in a small room wearing a cassock, so it’s important for me to act relaxed and speak more freely, as it creates a more comfortable and present environment, as opposed to reading directly from a script.”

Hosting such an event simply requires a certain flexibility. The pastor describes how people also tend to comment and ask more questions during the home services, which you don’t see happening in the church.

The audience and a previous home church service. A laid-back atmosphere, with people sitting in sofas and on the floor. Photo: Private

“There is more dialogue at our home services. But I also make sure to hold the thread, so it remains a service and not a study group,” she says with a smile, and concludes that they have found a really good balance.

More participants – and more events

Overall the new improvised tradition has grown to be very popular. In fact, many more people attend the home services than at the regular church (which still exists). At the church they have a maximum of 12 churchgoers, but in the private homes the average is around 22 people. Once they even had 36 people in one single living room.

If you wish to add to the number, you should contact Christa to sign up for the upcoming home service in November. You can contact her on mail [email protected] or on the phone number +66 082 251 0039.

You can also experience an advent home service in the new base Hua Hin in December. Contact Christa to sign up or follow the Facebook event here.

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