Hong Kong activist Ted Hui has gone into exile after traveling to Denmark

Pro-democracy lawmaker Ted Hui is restrained by security guards, after spilling a foul-smelling liquid in the conference room at the Legislative Council in Hong Kong, China, 04 June 2020. Photo: EPA/JEROME FAVRE

Ted Hui’s name went around the world when he, as part of the Hong Kong uprising in May 2020, threw a stink bomb in the Hong Kong Parliament Hall in protest of what he calls the Chinese regime’s deliberate human rights violations.

Ted Hui arrived in Denmark on the grounds of having to participate in a number of meetings on green conversion, but his real reason is another. 

Due to new security laws, imposed by the city-state of Hong Kong by China, Ted Hui will presumably be charged with anti-state activity because of his dealings with foreign powers. The new laws prohibit any form of so-called anti-state activity and recently two prominent activists were sentenced to prison terms for what several Western media call fabricated charges.

Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod is well aware of Ted Hui’s presence in Denmark, but has refused to meet with him. Instead he has issued a press release, in which he says that he and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are conducting a critical dialogue with the authorities in China on the very worrying situation in Hong Kong, just as they are coordinating closely in the EU.

However, several Danish parliamentary politicians do not buy the Foreign Minister’s explanation. Uffe Elbæk from the Independent Greens, Denmark’s new left-wing party, says:

“Now the foreign minister and the government must decide whose side they are on. Whether they are on the side of democracy or oppression,” he says. 

After arriving in Denmark, Ted Hui announced that he was applying for a residence permit in the UK, which has enabled all Hong Kong citizens to obtain automatic visas.

Read the full article from the Danish newspaper BT here

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