Hong Kong order Finnair to suspend flight from Helsinki due to imported cases of covid

Finnair was recently ordered to suspend its flight from Helsinki to Hong Kong for two weeks as the country saw a total of 12 imported cases of covid-19 on 30 December. A total of three airlines were ordered to suspend flights, with the other two being Turkish Airlines’s flight from Istanbul and Cebu Pacific Air’s flight from Manila in the Philippines.

According to media The Standard, the 12 imported cases were detected amongst a one-year-old boy, eight men, and three women aged between 24 to 61 years old who arrived from places including the Philippines, Thailand, the UK, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, and the US.

All of the 11 adults were fully vaccinated against covid-19 and remained asymptomatic while the one-year-old boy was not vaccinated due to his young age and he started developing symptoms on 26 December. 

The infected cases carried the N501Y and T478K mutant strains, suggesting possible Omicron infection, the Standard writes. 

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