How to login to the new ScandAsia Subscriber system?

Step 1: Set up a password!

ScandAsia has moved your email and other information about you into ScandAsia’s own member database
system. For you it means that you can now now easily control what you are subscribed to, where we should
deliver the ScandAsia magazine and what information you want to share with other members.

You can even add a photo to your profile – and browse other members profiles.

But first of all, we need you to get yourself a password to edit this information.

To get into the system, use the “Lost password”-function. Click here:

Enter the email address that we used when sending this instruction to you.

Click submit, and the system will send you instructions to the email that you provided.

It will inform you of will your username(!) and it will give you a link to a page where
you can set your own password.

Step 2: Login to your account

Go to login and use the username from the first email
and the password that you just selected under Step 1.


You will now see ScandAsia as a logged in Subscriber. How to be sure? Look for the link under “Where are
you from? in the red news menu line: It should now say: My Account.

Step 3: Check your profile

Click on “My Account” to check if we got everything right when we imported your name and address and
other details from the old system.

Click on “Profile” and a bit further down – just over the line “Subscriber details” – you will see your
options. Here, you click on “Edit”.

When the next page loads, you will notice that we have three set of data: One is your basic profile,
another is your postal address for the delivery of the magazine, the last are Optional extra

Please update as much as you like. Remember to check if you agree with our pre-selection of what
information should be visible to other members – otherwise just change the setting!

For fun and more interaction, try to load a profile photo and a cover photo – much like you know it from

Step 4: Find others and start connecting!

Check out the widget to the right “Member Search”. You can use the first name, the last name, sometimes even just a
part of the email.

The All Members link in the light grey menu will display all the more than 12.000 ScandAsia subscribers – but you
can sort the members in a few ways that may help you.

When you find one of your friends or business contacts, try clicking the Add Friend button on their profile. Or send
them a private message. Or a photo!

The benefit of being friends is that you can see more of each others profile, like phone number and address.

Have Fun!

Step 5: Comments? Suggestions?

We are obviously VERY excited about this new member-to-member system!

In particular our magazine delivery service should be greatly improved now!

But.. we are not done setting up all the little things that will make the best community tool
for Scandinavians living in Asia. This is just the beginning.

Please share your ideas what would make uniquely useful for you and other Scandinavians in
your community. My email is [email protected] – but you may also simply reply to this email.

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