Icepeak is Finland’s little known success story

Icepeak has come a long way since the brand manager Kalle Korvenranta packed his backpack with sales samples and went to Germany to introduce a new brand to buyers. Icepeak was founded in 1996, when a small group of clothing professionals in L-Fashion Group, inspired by US style and knowhow in technical materials, created the first collections. icepeak_success_w673px__large

The cutting edge design and being at the right place in the right time made it all possible! In the early 2000s the world-class athletes knew and used technical materials, but the main stream could not get them. Icepeak brought waterproof and breathable clothing to the main stream and the success story started.

Icepeak offers functional sportswear in bold colours and young-minded design successfully. In ten years the annual turnover has grown from 2,5 to a staggering 112 million Euros. The brand’s collections are sold in 46 countries. Only in Germany the brand is sold in over 1 000 stores. Commercial success is mainly due to a combination of freshly coloured, up-to-date collections for an active, young-minded target group and an intelligent corporate strategy in international competition: clothing with a favourable right price/quality ratio.

The manufacturing focus of Icepeak is in China. L-Fashion Group’s subsidiary in China finds suitable collaboration partners for the company and negotiates production agreements. China-strategy has been essential for the tempting pricing from the very beginning of the brand’s lifecycle. Icepeak provides very profitable business for retailers.

The Icepeak clothing is inspired by global trends and young people’s lifestyle. Icepeak designs a wide range of easycare products for different surroundings such as outdoor, street and ski slopes. They are an easy choice for young adults who like to do sports, look up-dated and just simply – enjoy the life. ”It’s always such a challenge when starting a new collection, yet still so exiting and exhilarating. Most pleasure is gained, though, when seeing your design actually being worn by a satisfied customer.” Says head designer Saila Härkki, who has designed Icepeak from the beginning.

The next step of the success story is the US market, where Icepeak is looking for new partners. Icepeak is also growing in Russia and in China, where Icepeak has 15 own stores and more to come. Kalle Korvenranta, who has lead Icepeak from the very beginning, retires in December. He is proud of the brand for the reason and says: “Icepeak has played an important role in my life for almost twenty years. I could not imagine this kind of adventure and success, when we started from zero. Now I know that nothing can stop this success story. It just keeps growing and growing. Icepeak is in good hands.”

Brand Manager Panu Suominen will lead Icepeak from December 2014. Suominen has worked in L-Fashion Group for twenty years. His strong background from sales, retail and branding in the company creates a perfect basis for the new position. “I’m enthusiastic about this opportunity. I know the whole Icepeak team well. Together we continue The Icepeak Success Story!” says Suominen.

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