IKEA and Asus ROG launches new gaming furniture in China

IKEA, Swedish furniture giant announced last year a collaboration with Asus’s Republic of Games (ROG) to create a new range of affordable gaming furniture and accessories to bring the gaming experience at home to a new level. The first wave of these products has just launched in China and includes specially designed gaming desks with height adjustments, computer tower stands, and gaming chairs.

The collection also includes stylish accessories like a headset cradle, pegboard for accessories, and even a multi-functional cushion/blanket, which seems to combine a cushion, blanket, and onesie into one item, letting gamers keep their all-important hands warm during loading screens and lengthy cutscenes. Around one-fourth of the global population (2.5 billion) are gamers, yet the needs of gaming lovers in terms of home furnishing have been so far overlooked until now.

The new IKEA Asus ROG collection is expected to launch in other IKEA markets starting this October.


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