Indonesia aims to produce two million tons of shrimps

The Indonesian government is targeting an annual production of shrimps of up to 2 million tons starting in 2024.

Director General of Aquaculture of the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry, TB Haeru Rahayu said this poses a challenge in increasing food demand. This is due to a potential population spike in 2045, where Indonesia’s population is projected to reach 318.9 million.

“An increase in population and an increase in food demand will increase demand for fish. This is why we are required to increase production,” said TB Haeru.

The projected farming space reaches 2.9 million hectares. It is backed by the climate that supports the production all year round.

“It is this strength that we have that pushed the government to set the target of 2 million tons,” TB Haeru added.

TB Haeru does not deny that there are a number of weaknesses in realizing the shrimp production goal. Among them is the lack of quality broodstock and seeds, high production costs and the lengthy and decentralized licensing process.


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