Indonesia teams up with Denmark to become the first Southeast Asian country to adopt circular economy

The Danish Ambassador In Indonesia Rasmus A. Kristensen and UNDP Indonesia representative Cristophe Bahuet signing the agreement for funding Indonesia’s circular economy initiative. Photo: UNDP Indonesia

Indonesia and Denmark, along with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), have launched a new initiative to help Indonesia create the first strategy for a circular economy system – and will therefore be the first Southeast Asian country to adopt the sustainable system of economy.

The system will manage resources and waste sustainably, according to the Indonesian news site Jakarta Globe. The goal is for the system to be ready to be fully implemented by 2024.

Denmark is funding the circular economy initiative with $540,000.

“Transitioning to a circular economy is an important step toward creating sustainable development. I am very happy that Indonesia is taking this initiative to formulate a circular economy strategy, and I am glad that Denmark and UNDP can support this first step in the transition,” said the Danish Environment Minister Lea Wermelin 24 February 2020.

Jakarta Globe reports, that the collaboration between the Nordic and Southeast Asian country has given occasion for a ‘circular economy workshop’ with representatives of the private sector and non-governmental organizations present. The participants discussed five potential sectors – food and beverage, textiles, construction, wholesale and retail trade, and electronic – where the circular economy system might flourish best in the Indonesian industry

“This year we’re analyzing the economic, environmental and social potentials of circular economy. We will then develop a national action plan, projects and partnerships, and start its full implementation in 2024,” said The National Development Planning Agency’s director of Environmental Affairs, Dr. Medrilzam 24 February 2020.

Source: Jakarta Globe

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