Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark confirm positive cases of coronavirus

Norway, Sweden and Finland all announced cases of people testing positive to the novel coronavirus in their respective countries the 26 February 2020, according to The Local Sweden, Yle from Finland and the Norwegian daily Aftenposten. The Danish health authorities reported the first positive case of coronavirus 27 February 2020.

In Sweden a man from Gothenburg contracted the virus while in northern Italy, reports the Swedish National Health Agency. The Swedish health authorities are reported as working to track down anyone the man may have been in contact with.

“We believe our chances of identifying those who have been exposed to be good. It is not a large group. The man was not travelling as part of a large group and was not contagious when he travelled, but only fell ill in Sweden,” said Thomas Wahlberg, a doctor WHO is a specialist in infectious diseases, at a press conference hosted by the Swedish National Health Agency.

The Norwegian Public Health Institute confirmed that a Norwegian woman from Tromsoe had been tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The health authorities assume the woman contracted the virus while in Wuhan, reports Aftenposten.

The woman is believed not to be in risk of infecting other Norwegians.

“The person currently isolated at home after having returned from China the 22 February,” said Line Vold, the inspector of the Public Health Institute.

In Finland a woman has been confirmed to have contracted the virus while in Milan, reports the University Hospital of Helsinki (HUS) and the National Institute for Health and Welfare at a press conference, according to

“The woman is in good condition and have only been in contact with two people since returning to Finland”, said the chief physician of HUS, Asko Järvinen.

Järvinen also confirms that the Finnish health authorities have been in contact with those two people. The two people are in home-isolation and their physical conditions are being monitored. Neither of the individuals have shown signs or symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

The Danish Ministry of Health announced 27 February 2020 in a press release that the first positive case of coronavirus had been confirmed. The patient is a man who contracted the virus while in northern Italy with his wife and son. The man will remain in isolation, reports the Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke. His wife and son have been tested negative.


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  2. We’re from Florida and are booked to travel from Bergen to Stockholm to Helsinki in mid-May. If we’re perfectly healthy (my wife’s a physician), are we likely to encounter resistance? We’re flying between cities and had planned a day cruise in Norway. Thank you!

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