Ingmar Bergman festival coming up in Singapore

Ingmar Bergman is without a doubt the most celebrated Swedish movie maker. He is known for his heavy use of symbolism (The Seventh Seal featuring Death playing chess with a knight), his innovative and groundbreaking use of the medium (especially in the likes of the use of light) and his themes, often revolving around subjects of existentialism, loneliness and faith.

For those reasons – and probably a thousand more – Ingmar Bergman is a solid choice for being the theme for The Swedish Film Festival in Singapore.

It’s probably not an event for popcorns, but more Scandinavian beers and Swedish meatballs, but nonetheless it’s a great opportunity to explore the works of one of the greatest filmmakers in history.

The local filmmaker and also Bergman loyalist Kirsten Tan is the curator of the festival, which is from the 12th to 15th of April at The Projector.

The full program for the festival can be seen here.

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