The big International School issue of ScandAsia is out

ScandAsia has released its annual big special them issue on “How to Choose an International School”. The April 2018 issue is 60 pages packed with school articles and advice – plus all the regular news and features on doing Scandinavian business in Asia, being part of the Scandinavian communities in the main capitals of Asia and inspirational stories on living abroad.

The paper copies of the Theme Issue will enjoy a wider distribution to selected pick-up points like embassies, consulates, churches, business associations, and well known restaurants and hotels across Asia. The magazine is furthermore distributed to thousand of Nordic people and people related to the Nordic communities via email. Others purchased a subscription to the paper magazine and enjoy delivery every month of their printed copy directly to their doorstep.





ScandAsia 180400P01

ScandAsia 180400P02-03

ScandAsia 180400P04.1ScandAsia 180400P05

ScandAsia 180400P04.2

ScandAsia 180400P06 ScandAsia 180400P07

ScandAsia 180400P08 ScandAsia 180400P09

ScandAsia 180400P10-11

ScandAsia 180400P12-13

ScandAsia 180400P12-13

]ScandAsia 180400P14-15

ScandAsia 180400P16ScandAsia 180400P17.2
ScandAsia 180400P17.1


ScandAsia 180400P18ScandAsia 180400P19.1

ScandAsia 180400P19.2

ScandAsia 180400P20ScandAsia 180400P21.1

ScandAsia 180400P21.2

ScandAsia 180400P22-23

ScandAsia 180400P24ScandAsia 180400P25.1 

ScandAsia 180400P25.2

ScandAsia 180400P26-27

ScandAsia 180400P28-29

ScandAsia 180400P30-31

ScandAsia 180400P32-33


ScandAsia 180400P34ScandAsia 180400P35


ScandAsia 180400P36ScandAsia 180400P37


ScandAsia 180400P38ScandAsia 180400P39


ScandAsia 180400P40ScandAsia 180400P41

ScandAsia 180400P42ScandAsia 180400P43


ScandAsia 180400P44-45

ScandAsia 180400P46ScandAsia 180400P47


ScandAsia 180400P48-49


ScandAsia 180400P52-53


ScandAsia 180400P54-55


ScandAsia 180400P56-57


ScandAsia 180400P58ScandAsia 180400P59


ScandAsia 180400P60



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