AISL Harrow Schools Host Inaugural International Education Development Conference with ASEAN Partners

Shape Brighter Future for Innovative & Integrated Education

Asia International School Limited (AISL) Group, the operator of Harrow International Schools, Harrow LiDe Schools, Harrow Hong Kong Children School, and Harrow Little Lions, recently held the 2024 International Education Development Conference at Harrow LiDe School Nanning in China. AISL is a leading provider of educational services in Asia. The conference was supported by the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurs Association (APEA).

Thought leaders from China and ASEAN countries, including educators, education group representatives and consulate generals, gathered to explore innovative and integrated approaches to education. The conference aimed to foster regional cooperation and pave the way for a brighter future in the field.

Following the conference on 30 March 2024, a group of over 30 conference participants visited on 2 April 2024 Harrow International School Bangkok, alongside two other celebrated educational institutions in Bangkok for further exchange of experience.

300 Education Leaders Convene to Share Regional Best Practices

Nearly 300 participants within the education field gathered and shared insights and best practices. Diplomats from consulates based in Nanning and South East Asia, together with representatives from various Chinese government departments and institutions engaged in thought- provoking keynote speeches and panel discussions on various topics, speeches and panel discussions such as overseas education programs, research partnerships, joint curriculum development, and talent cultivation.

Several of the speakers focused on how international schools in China and the ASEAN countries could further internationalise their education and integrate regionally. Among them was  Mr. Dianjun Wang, National Inspector, Chairman of the International Specialised Schools Branch of the China Private Education Association who talked about how educational cooperation could promote regional integration and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries.

Another prominent speaker was Mr. Hendro Widjaya, President, Indonesian Association of State and Private Schools, who focused on deepening collaboration through teacher and student exchanges, joint education programmes, research cooperation and more.

Harrow Bangkok Welcomes Participants, Fostering Ideas Exchange

A significant aspect of the conference was the visit to a few selected educational institutions in Thailand on 2nd April 2024. Led by senior management of Nanning Harrow LiDe School, a group of over 30 conference participants visited Samchaiwitaedsuksa School, Assumption University and Harrow International School Bangkok.

Harrow Bangkok, the first AISL Harrow School with a 25-year history, warmly welcomed the group as a co-organiser of the conference. The group visited the campus, experienced the seamless integration of Harrow’s traditions with local culture and engaged in fruitful exchanges with the School Head. This visit facilitated the exchange of ideas and experiences, further strengthening ties between AISL Group and the educational community in ASEAN countries.

Reaffirms Commitment to Educational Excellence in Diverse Community

The success of the 2024 International Education Development Conference underscores AISL Group’s commitment to educational excellence and making a positive impact in the education industry in China and ASEAN countries. By embracing innovation, fostering collaboration, and exploring new horizons in education, AISL Group strives to shape the future of education and provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Today, the AISL Harrow International Schools in Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai are highly regarded, with Nanning joining the family in 2021 all offering exceptional education to prepare students with diverse background and abilities for a life of learning, leadership , service and personal fulfilment.

AISL Harrow International Schools are independent day and boarding schools for students aged 18 months to 18 years. This international diversity creates a dynamic learning environment. Helping to shape the character of all students regardless of age and nationality are the Harrow Values of Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship. These Values anchor the holistic educational approach that focuses on individual care and support to develop the whole person.

AISL Harrow International Schools are equally renowned for academic excellence, the House System, and enrichment and service activities that produce high-achievers with the leadership attributes and experiences that will serve them well throughout their lives and benefit the wider community tomorrow.

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