Jellyfish warning issued after the death of a 5 year old

Photo of a box jellyfish by AndrePiazza @ WikiCommons
Photo of a box jellyfish by AndrePiazza @ WikiCommons

Koh Pha Ngan authorities have warned people to beware of box jellyfish after a French boy died on Saturday shortly after being stung while swimming at a beach of this resort island in Thailand.

The 5 year old boy was vacationing with his parents, when he according to Phuketwan online appeared to have gotten his legs entangled in the tentacles of a box jellyfish. On the beach the burns is said to have been treated with water and ice before he was rushed of towards the hospital. Tragically he went into shock and passed away before reaching the hospital.

According to Phuketwan, at the moment 10 marine biologist and health experts are investigating to see if the death was caused by box jellyfish.

Phuketwan online reported that PhaNgan acting district chief Kasitdet Thongchu on Monday asked local administrative authorities and beachside hotels to post signs warning of poisonous jellyfish and prepare first aid measures in case of stings.

The incidents including box jellyfish in Thailand are said to be seldom and deaths extremely rare. According to online health information service WebMD, it is important to continuously rinse the burns from box jellyfish with vinegar. If vinegar is not available a solution of baking soda will help deactivating the sting cells.

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