The head-turning Volvo XC60

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Volvo in Southeast-Asia showcases the 2014 edition of its best-selling model, the XC60 and highlights its upgrades in comparison to previous editions. The XC60 passed the 500,000 units sold mark in April 2014. It has taken the model only little over half a decade to reach this milestone.

This car with its more urban twist has a redesigned front featuring a new hood shape that emphasises the wide, confident look. The sporty feel, meanwhile, comes through with its new, comfortable sport seats. Initially, the new XC60 is available with three engines from the all-new four-cylinder Drive-E engine family: The 306 hp petrol turbo T6, the 245 hp T5 and the turbo diesel D4 with 181 hp. A new 8-speed automatic gearbox contributes to a refined drive and excellent fuel economy.

“This is a car that is not only a success today but will continue to be one in future. The XC60 is a timeless model and a very good representation of what Volvo’s brand stands for. The ability to personalise the model with a wide range of accessories has also been an important factor in its success,” says Alain Visser, Senior Vice President Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at Volvo Cars.

Distinguished looks
The purposeful, wide new grille and daytime running lights make your XC60 stand out in a crowd. Everything, from the classic Volvo V-shaped sculpted bonnet to the iconic floating centre stack, enhances your car’s distinguished looks. The car now comes with a fully colour coordinated body. The new headlamps look very focused and determined, and the horizontal lines on the grille with its chrome bars emphasise the car’s width.
The XC60 also benefits from an interior upgrade with new wood inlays, a new headliner, textile B-pillars and the silk metal frames around the air vents and light controls among its new features.

Capability with performance
This refined XC60 has a commanding driving position supported by generous ground clearance and the class-leading chassis. The XC60 is designed to feel every bit as nimble and agile as a standard height road car.

Choose from four brilliantly balanced chassis – Touring, Dynamic, R-Design Sport Chassis, or our electronically controlled Four-C Chassis that performs up to 500 calculations per second. Combined with Corner Traction Control (helps the driver avoid understeer), our XC60 gives you powerful assurance everywhere from motorways to country roads.

With All Wheel Drive, the XC60 becomes an extremely capable vehicle on any road, in any kind of weather. The optional Hill Descent Control boosts this capability by automatically controlling the car’s speed when driving down steep slopes.

The XC60 is available with 20-inch wheels while keeping the same tyre profile height and ride comfort as with 19-inch wheels.

City Safety system in a fast-moving world
If the car in front stops suddenly and you don’t react, our innovative, advanced City Safety system will apply the brakes – at speeds of up to 50km/h. Our Active High Beam means you can keep your mind on the road and see further without dazzling other drivers.

New Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection technology
This technology, with full auto brake, is equipped with an advanced sensor system that scans the area ahead. If a cyclist heading in the same direction as the car suddenly swerves out in front of the car as it approaches from behind and collision is imminent, there is an instant warning and full braking power is applied. The technology also detects if a pedestrian steps out into the road in front of the car. If the driver does not respond in time, the car can warn and automatically activate the brakes.

Scandinavian precision engineering and attention to detail
There are several other examples of the attention to detail in the new XC60. The previously visible washer nozzles have been relocated out of sight under the bonnet.

The radar cover has been painted gloss black, which practically makes it disappear in the grille. The chrome frame around the grille has been removed and the new, bigger ironmark badge enhances the new cars’ self-confident look.

The new integrated tailpipes, which can be specified with some engine variants, are the physical and visual link to the technically advanced engines. But it’s not just about beautiful design: the designers have had to cope with the fact that at operating temperature, the tailpipes have to remain perfectly in place despite the exhaust system expanding in length by up to 25mm. This is another example of true Scandinavian precision engineering.

Inscription version
The Volvo XC60 now also becomes available in the exclusive Inscription version – designed around customers who want to add an extra luxurious, personal touch to the dynamic XC capability.

The Inscription buyer can choose between four colours on the seats, fully upholstered in fine semi-aniline quality leather. The XC60 Inscription package also includes several other distinctive interior features and the possibility to spice up the kerb appeal with additional options like the charcoal headliner, special effect paint and 20-inch wheels.

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