Johnson and Johnson to be offered for a fee to foreign seafarers and Danes abroad 

It will soon be possible for foreign seafarers to be vaccinated in Denmark. They will have access to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for a fee (Archive photo).

From 1 September, Johnson & Johnson’s covid-19 vaccine will be released for private directing in Denmark and offered for a fee amongst other things as an offer for foreign seafarers and Danes abroad who have not yet been vaccinated in their country of residence, according to the Danish Ministry of Health.

Media Nordjyske writes that from the beginning of next month, the vaccine will no longer be used in the optional scheme in Denmark. Instead, it will be used in a scheme, which is similar to one already in place, for travel vaccines and other vaccines outside the public vaccination program. The scheme involves allowing all persons in Denmark, regardless of nationality, including persons in transit or on a very short stay in Denmark, to be able to buy the vaccine. It must be done after a medical prescription, the Ministry of Health informs.

The government’s new scheme will make it possible for, among others, the crew on ships arriving in Denmark to be vaccinated, which is something CEO of Danish Shipping Anne H. Steffensen is very pleased about it. “We are simply so happy that we have been given this opportunity. For seafarers who work around the world, they must be vaccinated,” she says. 

The scheme is of great importance to several Danish shipping companies, which have seafarers from third countries on the payroll. “It means a lot to us because we have many seafarers from third countries who have not yet been vaccinated. They come from countries like India and the Philippines, where they do not have the same vaccination programs as in Denmark,” Anne H. Steffensen says.

Moreover, NordJyske writes that in practice, it will be private companies that will be responsible for the vaccinations. Anne H. Steffensen confirms that it will be the shipping companies that pay the vaccine bill and thus take responsibility for their employees.

The current entry restrictions will also apply to persons traveling to Denmark for vaccination.

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