Join SwedCham’s webinar ‘Customer to user’ with innovation guru Jacob Johansen

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce China invites you to their upcoming webinar titled ‘Customer to user – How changing one word can revolutionize your business’ with innovation guru Jacob Johansen on 12 August at Volvo Studio in Shanghai.

More about the event: 

SwedCham is inviting Jacob Johansen, Danish innovation and branding guru, to present his new book From Customer to User!

During his work as an external consultant with IKEA China for four years, Jacob Johansen developed a radical new approach to business, innovation, and branding. Ideas he now presents in a book after being encouraged to do so by IKEA’s CEO.

Jacob Johansen boldly claims his book will enable you to crack the most significant challenge in business: applying and maintaining a constant outside-in perspective. His recipe is simple yet effective: Stop focusing on customers and expand your worldview to users. All you have to do is to fulfill the needs of users. Following user needs is the new compass that your business will always be able to navigate by.

Despite the book being written here in Shanghai, it’s not a “how-to-do-China book”. Johansen considers his findings of universal value. But you will find China between the lines throughout the book as the writer is, of course, heavily influenced by living almost 20 years in Shanghai. His provoking and radical approach is well known, and his new book is no exception. Johansen’s uncompromising and out-of-the-box approach to business may be hard to swallow at first but is also the reason why both leading Chinese and international companies have turned to Johansen in the quest for new revenue streams, growth, and transformation.

Join us for an educating, thought-provoking, and entertaining evening with SwedCham Shanghai and Jacob Johansen (and get your copy signed by the author)!

Get an exclusive preview of the first chapter of From Customer to User and sign up here 

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