Mads Søndergaard Løvig passed away

Mads Søndergaard Løvig passed away in his apartment in Pattaya on 24 October 2014 only 54 years old following a sudden, fatal rupture of Aorta, the main blood vessel from the heart. The funeral will take place on Friday 7 November at 13.00 Danish time in Borbjerg Kirke in Borbjerg near Holstebro where Mads was born and grew up.

Mads Søndergaard Løvig together with his cousin Tove Krogh.
Mads Søndergaard Løvig together with his cousin Tove Krogh.

Mads worked for a number of years in the Danish catering sector as a certified butcher before he decided to move to Thailand in 2007. In Thailand, he established the company Scan Food Co., Ltd together with a few Danish and Thai investors. The company imported and sold prime quality beef from Argentina and it was also the plan to import well-known Danish products like grill sausages and the Danish red sausage. This part of the business never happened due to difficulties with import permissions but the company expanded in other ways and today Scan Food Co., Ltd. offers over 20 products to hotels and restaurants in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.

Beef remains the main product, including meat from local Thai slaughterhouses that Mads taught how to mature and treat the meat to obtain maximum quality.

Mads had moved to Pattaya early this year. Here as well as during his preceding years in Bangkok, he preferred to live alone.

The company will continue to operate with the current staff.

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