Malaysian couple arrested in Sweden for spanking own child

A Malaysian couple detained in Sweden for allegedly spanking their son for not performing his prayers are Azizul Raheem Awalludin, an employee with Tourism Malaysia in Stockholm, and his wife Shalwati Nurshal, a secondary school teacher.

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4 Comments on “Malaysian couple arrested in Sweden for spanking own child”

  1. .. or visit Sweden and the rest of the Anglo-led Western countries. There, a mother smacking a child’s hand who refused to pray is “violence”, but DROPPING BOMBS on innocent villagers (men, women and children) in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc etc and blowing them to bits IS NOT “VIOLENCE”. Oh I forgot, who said those villagers are ‘people’?? Why they are merely ‘collateral damage”, so get it right.
    In this century and beyond, ASIA is well advised to steer its own TRADITIONAL pathway on TRUTH, MORALITY AND JUSTICE. It’s the stuff of the likes of Gandhiji, Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus, so why any doubt !!??

  2. or Visit Sweden: here you can separate parents from their children “for the benefit of the children”

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