Greta Thunberg mocked as ‘puppet of Western politicians’ for targeting China on climate issue

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The Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg has been accused of being a “double-standard, selective environmentalist” and “puppet of Western politicians” on Chinese social media, The Star reports.

The accusations came after Greta Thunberg retweeted a report by CNN which stated that China’s annual emissions surpass those of all developed nations combined.

“Yes, China is still categorized as a developing nation by the WTO, they manufacture a lot of our products and so on. But that’s of course no excuse for ruining future and present living conditions. We can’t solve the climate crisis unless China drastically changes course,” she tweeted.

Greta Thunberg has a public image of being very sharp-tongued on environmental protection issues and she is considered a passionate environmentalist in the West. Following Japan’s decision to dump Fukushima wastewater into the sea on 13 April 13, Greta Thunberg followed most media outlets and only retweeted the decision without any comment. After Western media outlets however hyped China’s annual emissions, Greta Thunberg immediately reacted, saying that China needs to change.

Wuheqilin, a famous Chinese cartoonist commented on China’s Twitter-like social media platform Sina Weibo on Sunday that so-called global environmental protection organizations and individuals, that turn a blind eye to Japan’s decision to dump nuclear wastewater while accusing China over environmental issues, only serve as “political tools” targeting China. “Just take it as a fart,” he wrote.

An observer online stated that it is an old trick for Western media and activists to point fingers at China on climate and environmental issues. Another online user stated, “The teenager does not study hard to improve her cognitive level and personal quality but engages in meaningless political activities. She is completely ruined.”

Many critics also stated that the vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress and former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ding Zhongli’s remarks last year are still enlightening when he said, “I want to ask: Are Chinese humans? That’s a fundamental question,” noting that “I see the right to emit as a right to development, which is a basic human right.” Ding added that there should be a roughly equal amount of emissions per capita, which is fair.

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  1. Unfortunately Greta is a puppet of WEF agenda. Her parents have allowed her to be used to move an agenda that few agree with but most acquiesce through fear of retaliation. Her message is correct however her sponsors care not about that message. Greta is a means to an end, an end that will neither help the planet nor us.

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