Meet new Head of Trade, Economic and Political Affairs at the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi

In a recent update, Ola Karlman, the new Head of Trade, Economic, and Political Affairs at the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi introduces himself.

Ola Karlman writes that he just arrived from Stockholm and is very happy to finally be in Vietnam and he can not wait to get started.

“For me, Vietnam is a country drenched in vibrant culture, tradition, and history. The nature is stunningly beautiful and there is so much to see and do – and not least, eat. I want to enjoy all the amazing food that Vietnam has to offer – something that I know will make my friends back home very jealous,” Ola Karlman writes.

“When conditions allow, I look forward to traveling around the country, preferably by train, and visit a lot of historic places, cruise down the rivers, and go for runs up in the mountains. For the last point, I sure hope to meet many of you in Mộc Châu in January, for the Vietnam Trail Marathon!,” Ola Karlman adds. 

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