Meet the Danish supported Children of the Forest

The Danish Women’s Network in Bangkok has for several years supported an organization called ‘Children of the Forest’, which is a registered Thai Foundation working with stateless communities in Sangkhlaburi on the Thai/Myanmar border.

On Monday the 2nd of April, Danish Women’s Network is hosting an Awareness Event from 7pm until 10pm to learn more about the specific challenges faced by the stateless communities living on the Myanmar border and the vital work that ‘Children of the Forest’ is undertaking in response to these. We have invited the founder of ‘Children of the Forest’, Daniel Hopson, to Bangkok to share his experiences with us – and you are invited to join us.

Their work is enormous; to provide protection, education and health care for stateless children living in the area while also offering, often life-saving, assistance to highly vulnerable women, especially relating to maternal health care.

A stateless person is one who is not considered as a national by any state under the operation of its law. Living on the margins of society and without a citizenship, stateless persons are therefore often denied basic rights such as access to education, health care, work, or freedom of movement and they are highly vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking and abuse. It is estimated that at least 10 million people around the world are denied a nationality, with an estimated 2–3.5 million in Thailand alone.

The Awareness Event is open to all. Delicious, homemade snacks will be served throughout the evening and it will be possible to purchase wine
and beer.

Please contact us at [email protected] to register and to receive further details on the event. We hope to see you on the 2 nd of April for an evening in
support of ‘Children of the Forest’ and all stateless communities in Thailand.




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