National infrastructure: Southeast Asia most satisfied

Countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand are amongst the top 5 countries most satisfied with their infrastructure.

In the Southeast Asian countries the percentage of satisfaction is between 54 and 74%, according to the “Global Infrastructure Index” study made by Ispos. But in Sweden it’s 34% – just 4 points below the global average.

Generally speaking, the general satisfaction is relatively higher in APAC compared to elsewhere.

However, the study reveals that a majority of the 31 countries studied agrees to the statement “As a country we are not doing enough to meet our infrastructure needs.” Singapore and Indonesia are although amongst the ones agreeing the least with the statement, as well as Sweden.

Strangely enough, Thailand however is amongst the ones in the top 10, who strongly agree with the statement, despite being one of most satisfied with their national infrastructure.

For more details about the study, read here.

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