Networking in a Finnish forest in Singapore

As the first day of Ageing Asia Innovation Forum, AAIF, in Singapore was coming to an end, people gathered in what looks like a Finnish forest at Huone Events Hotel in central Singapore.

On Tuesday 25 April 2017, the Embassy of Finland in Singapore hosted a SF100 Networking Cocktail event at Huone Events Hotel as part of Ageing Asia Innovation Forum 2017 where Finland is largely present as guest of honor in connection with their celebrations of 100 years as an independent country.

At the networking event all eleven Finnish companies from the Finnish delegation at AAIF were present for people to hear more about their products and solutions in a casual environment.

“Elderly want exactly the same as you and me. A happy and social life. They want to recover as quickly as possible and get home soon,” said Jukka Salo from Finpro as he opened the networking night. “Every company here provides means of a happy life. They provide solutions to make sure our loved ones can enjoy life for as long as possible.”

Founder of Ageing Asia, Janice Chia, as well as Paula Parviainen, Finnish Ambassador to Singapore, also spoke to the many people who had showed up to hear more about Finnish solutions to an ageing population.

After their speeches, the Finnish companies were given the opportunity to present themselves and their vision to interested crowd. Allowing them only a very limited amount of time, it created a challenge for a couple of the companies, to great entertainment for the spectators.  

Opera singer Hannu Ilmolahti became a great end to some interesting presentations and a great start for a joyful night of networking as he performed in front of the crowd with only his voice, guitar and entertaining personality. With no need for a microphone he managed to cheer up the entire room and even impress with singing in mandarin, especially to great joy of the Singaporeans at the event.

Afterwards a big variety of food and drinks were served as people mingled around at Huone Events Hotel to share their opinions and experiences, as well as to end the first day of Ageing Asia Innovation Forum in inspiring company.


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