New corona variant found in Denmark

Photo: United Nations

A new variant of corona, now named BA.2.86, was found in Denmark this week, according to Statens Serum Institut (SSI).

The variant was detected in three cases, all from different pars of the country. The cases do not appear to have had contact with each other.

Other isolated cases with the same mutation has been detected in Israel, The Unites States of America and The United Kingdom.

An unusual change – but let’s not worry

The variant differs significantly from the other omicron variants that have been seen in the past, it says on the website of SSI. Right now, WHO designated the case as  a ‘Variant under monitoring.’

“It is unusual for corona to change so significantly and develop 30 new mutations. The last time we saw such a big change was when omicron appeared”, Morten Rasmussen, researcher at SSI says.

However, it is still too early to draw conclusions about its severity or contagiousness.

SSI is currently growing the virus variant to test it against antibodies:

“It is clear that we react when we see something completely new, that is the job. But none of the three preliminary cases have had symptoms other than those normally seen in the course of covid-19. We also have a strong expectation that the vaccines – also with this variant – will provide good protection against serious disease”, elaborates Tyra Grove Krause, Executive Vice President for Epidemiological Infectious Disease Preparedness, SSI.

Source: Statens Serum Institut 

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