New Huawei smartphone features Sweden’s Fingerprint Cards sensor

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) collaborates with Huawei on Ascend Mate7 fingerprint reader. Huawei Ascend Mate7 incorporates Fingerprint Cards Touch Sensor FPC1020. huawei_ascend

Mate7 offers ‘Peace of mind’ through the design with a reason, and realized by advanced fingerprint security technology. Fingerprint is no longer an image, but a set of re-extracted information that is stored in a secure, independent space.

Fingerprint Cards (AB) is a leading global supplier of capacitive touch fingerprint sensors and the leader in fingerprint sensors for mobile devices. FPC has a proven record of mass production in millions with short Time to Market. FPC1020 has a best in class biometric performance with false rejection that ensures top-level security and it requires 10-15 times lower power consumption compared to competitors.

Fingerprint authentication technology removes the need for usernames and passwords on connected devices. The convenience and trust afforded to consumers, service providers and device OEMs through adoption of biometrics and fingerprint sensors on smart devices is predicted to result in growth by 16.8% to $14.35 billion by 20201.

Johan Carlström, President and Chief Executive Officer of FPC, comments:

“Huawei is the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and we are proud that Huawei selected FPC (FPC1020) for this flagship launch. We congratulate Huawei on being the first player in the world to launch an Android smartphone featuring a touch fingerprint sensor. Touch fingerprint sensors from FPC raise the bar and provide a never-before-seen superior user experience. FPC on the 20th of December 2013 announced this Design Win anonymously and on the 5th of May 2014, FPC announced a ramp order related to this project.“

Bruce Li, PDT Manager of Huawei, comments:

“Ascend Mate7 is a global flagship model, enabled with a touch fingerprint sensor. We see fingerprint sensors as a key feature in smartphones for important use cases such as mobile payments and data protection. We are very pleased with the performance of the FPC touch fingerprint sensor and the support that FPC has provided to us and are looking forward to a continued cooperation with FPC”

Source: Fingerprint Cards

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