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Andersen Consult’s presentation of the offer to join their networking platform was the main take-away from the Dancham networking evening in Bangkok on Thursday 15 June.

The network currently has 172 business people mostly from Denmark signed up and eager to network with companies in Asia. Anyone is welcome to sign up and join the network. This can be done from here:

Lars Siggaard Andersen is on a mission to bring Nordic businesses closer to businesses in Asia – and the other way around. Before coming to Thailand, he had already established cooperation with Nordcham Philippines and Cambodia. The job is to have as many companies as possible in Asia sign up as contact persons for companies in Denmark so a Danish company would know who to ask for anything, big or small, that they need help with.

For the companies in Asia, the opportunity goes the other way, to network among companies in Denmark for help with questions related to their business there. Also Asian companies are very welcome on the platform, not only Danish or Nordic related companies.

Andersen Consult comes into the picture when eventually there may be need for a partner evaluation or other kind of professional service.

Only twelve members had signed up for the event which cost 900 baht to join. They were later joined by four who had not signed up in advance.

The evening started with an introduction to CeramicSpeed, the latest member of Dancham. The company produces ball bearings made of a ceramic material which is lighter and offers less friction than traditional steel ball bearings. The concept was easy: “We want to offer the best and the most expensive solution,” Rasmus Gjarlov explained.

After that, the Vicepresident Richard Jones of Indorama Ventures gave an insightful presentation of his company. Indorama Ventures PCL is one of the world’s leading producers of polymers, fibers, and packaging that can be found in many products worldwide. We learned among others that 1 in 5 clear PET bottles is made from IVL polymers – and thus very likely one of the over 70 Indorama factories worlwide. Even more suprising was it to learn that 1 in 2 baby diapers are made from IVL fibers and that the material is even so strong, that it is also used in car airbags.

One of the many overseas factories of Indorama is located in Denmark, the FiberVisions factory in Varde, focusing on fibers for use in non-woven products – like diapers and a surprising number of other products:


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