New Norwegian cooperation to promote trade interests in Singapore


On 11 February Innovasjon Norge signs contract together with Eksportkreditt Norge in Singapore. Together they will cooperate to promote Norwegian trade interests.

Even if Norwegian holdings already export a lot to Singapore, there is potential for additional export according to Jarle Roth, managing director in Eksportkreditt Norge.

“There is especially more potential regarding maritime business and offshore-related trades.”

Innovasjon Norge already owns offices in Singapore, and with the new partnership with Eksportkreditt Norge they will work together on local resources.

“Our cooperation will not limit us to a few businesses, but will include all relevant export of capital goods and services from Norway. Offers regarding export financing are usually always a competitive advantage for Norwegian exporters,” says Jarle Roth.

The local agents will be given the responsibility to follow up on both existing projects and new opportunities. They have to follow up on potential projects from early stages and provide relevant market information.

“The local presence will indeed strengthen our market analysis.”

Head of Innovasjon Norge, Anita Krohn Traaseth, agrees.

“Our common owner, Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet (=Trade- and fishing Ministry) has challenged the national operators to identify more fields worth cooperate in to benefit Norwegian trade. The agreement between Innovasjon Norge and Eksportkreditt Norge, where we will share resources, knowledges and expenses, will be an answer to the challenge,” says Anita Krohn Traaseth.

In February 2015 the companies established their first agreement on sharing resources in foreign markets, that time it was in Rio de Janeiro in Brasil. The local presence will now be boosted even more with joint resources in Singapore, too.



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