New Swedish support to combat corruption in the region

The Development Cooperation Section at the Embassy has today agreed with UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) to support the programme; “Improving State Capacity to More Effectively Prevent, Raise Awareness of, Detect, Investigate and Prosecute Corruption”. The Swedish funding will support UNODC for the implementation of UNCAC (United Nations Convention against Corruption) in Southeast Asia. Print

The intervention targets corruption, which is a cross-cutting issue and undermines all areas of development and enables most other types of crime in Southeast Asia.

It is expected by UNODC that the programme will contribute to improving integrity, accountability, transparency of and citizens’ participation in government decision making processes through regional exchanges, and support to creation of a regional anti-corruption mechanism. The Embassy is looking forward to this collaboration and to support the combating of corruption.

Source: Swedish Embassy in Bangkok

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