New Thai food truck in Støren

Som tam thai,New Thai food truck in Støren
Som tam thai.

After 12 years of living in Norway, Thai Nut Stenbro has decided to open up a Thai restaurant. Nut Stenbro had gone without a job for two years, since her previous job moved from Rognes to Trondheim. And having two children, she did not see herself driving to the city every day.

Since Nut Stenbro neither wanted to depend on receiving money from the Norwegian government, nor drive to Trondheim every day, she decided to start up on her own. On Monday 28 November 2016, she opened the doors to her food truck, Sawadi Thaimat, right outside Størensenteret in Støren south from Trondheim.

Here, she serves Thai food, and Nut Stenbro tells Norwegian Trønderbladet that so far, visit has been good. On the day of the opening, there was full throttle throughout the day. There are particularly a lot of people around lunch time, she says.

Especially the spring rolls are popular, and Nut Stenbro tells Trønderbladet about one guy who bought five of them – at first. A couple of hours later, he came back and bought a lot more.

“He told me that he had never tasted spring rolls as good at these,” she smiles.

Nut Stenbro has always loved to cook, which in many ways is in her blood; her family runs a restaurant back in Thailand.

“I know a lot of Thai women who have told me that I should open up a restaurant. So now, I thought that I had to try,” she says.

She has been living in Norway for almost 12 years, and she lives with her husband and their two children in Hauka. She has a 10-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son.

Source: Trønderbladet

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