News of Danish listeria outbreak reaches China

An outbreak of the deadly listeria bacteria in Denmark has caught the attention of the Chinese media. Expert believes this might harm Danish food export.


Chinese news sites have been reporting the Danish listeria outbreak for days, but now with a total death toll of 13, the state owned Chinese news agency Xinhua sent out a telegram covering the story.

The story must be well known in the Chinese society after this, professor and China expert at Copenhagen Business School Verner Worm tells Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet.

“When Xinhua writes it, everybody now knows that we had this outbreak,” he says.

Verner Worm is confident that it will have a negative effect if information about the infected meat spreads through the population. The value of Denmark’s food export to China is almost 4 billion DKK yearly. The Danish products are considered to be high standard and are sold at prices to match, in China a liter of Danish produced milk costs 22 DKK.

“The only reason they spend so much money on Danish food products, is that our products are free from infections and the like,” Verner Worm tells Ekstrabladet.

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