Nordic embassies again urge Myanmar army to stop killing and restore internet

On 15 April 2021 the Nordic embassies in Myanmar released a joint statement, signed by Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, that read:

During this year’s Thingyan holiday, which is a time for everyone in Myanmar to come together and peacefully celebrate the coming of the new year, we, the Nordic countries in Myanmar, urge the military to immediately stop the use of violence against civilians and allow the population to exercise their human rights, notably the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly as well as access to information.

In this context, we particularly urge the military to restore full access to the internet, which has now been severely restricted, apparently with the intent to minimize the free flow of information. The internet is one of the principal means by which individuals exercise freedom of expression as well as their right of freedom to receive and impart information, and access to the internet should be reinstated immediately by the authorities.

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